Preview Images

In this article, we will focus on preview images, which can be used to provide a visual representation of options in the product configurator.

What are preview images and why would you use them?

Preview images are images that can be used to represent options in a product configurator. Instead of displaying options as plain text, preview images allow users to see a visual representation of the option before making a selection. This can make the product configurator more intuitive and user-friendly, and can help users to make more informed decisions about their product configuration.

There are many situations where using preview images can be beneficial in Konfig. For example, if you are offering a range of materials, colors, or finishes for a product, using preview images can help users to see what the different options look like and make a more informed choice. Additionally, if you are offering a range of accessories or additional components for a product, using preview images can help users to see how the different options would fit with the main product.

How to use preview images in Konfig

Using preview images in Konfig is a simple process. First, you will need to upload the preview images to Konfig by going to the "Options" tab in the header and clicking the "Add" button. This will open a file browser, where you can select the preview images you want to use. Konfig supports .jpg, .png, and .gif file formats.

Once you have uploaded the preview images, you can use them to represent options in your product configurator. To do this, go to the "Options" tab in the Konfig and enable the preview images.

Material Specific

If you simply enable preview images without uploading / picking a specific one, Konfig will automatically add the preview image of the material